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Code NameImage Price    
FF-EASTER12Easter Fractured Fretzels Gift   $15.00
2FF-EASTER12Easter Fractured Fretzels Gift (set of 2)   $28.00
30GIFT-30$30 Gift Voucher   $21.00
60GIFT-30$60 Gift Voucher   $42.00
90GIFT-30$90 Gift Voucher   $63.00
FF-HALLOWEEN81Halloween Fractured Fretzels Gift Box   $9.95
FF-HALLOWEEN82Halloween Fractured Fretzels Set of 2   $18.00
FF-THX81Thanksgiving Gift Box (sm)   $9.95
FF-THX82Thanksgiving Gift Box (sm) Set of 2   $18.00
FF-THX16Thanksgiving Host Gift box (lg)   $24.95
GS-FALL10LTD Edition Fall Gift Set   $49.95
BK-R6PMNTPeppermint Bark Red Gift Box   $32.00
GS-JOYHoliday Joy Gift Bag Set   $29.50
006-TRUFLHalf-dz Chocolate Truffle Fretzels   $15.95
012-TRUFLOne-dz Chocolate Truffle Fretzels   $29.00
GROUPON3Fretzels Sweet Set   $29.85
GB-DAISYDaisy Fretzels Gift Basket   $59.95
006-SSMILK6pc Milk Chocolate Pretzels   $6.95
006-SSDARK6pc Dark Chocolate Pretzels   $6.95
006-SSWHITE6pc White Chocolate Pretzels   $6.95